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September 19, 2008


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Mark Allen

I have a HD antenna in my attic that is rated for 70 miles. We live in Sumter. the problem I have is mainly isolated to WIS. Most of the other Columbia stations come in clearly. Is there something the other stations are doing that WIS is not? All are broadcast from the same general direction. Pixeling is especialy bad on WIS. The reason I don't think it is the antenna is half the time the picture comes in clearly.

Mike Utsey

I like the quality of the picture from DTV but if the weather is a little overcast I loose my signal. I have a flat antenna array with a 10db gain amplifier inside of the antenna mounted about 20 ft up. I also have a 20 db amplifier inside. If the weather is clear I get all of the Charleston and Columbia
but if cloud is between Eutawville and Columbia I just Charleston. I can get a very clear picture on the analog side and nothing at all on the digital. I can't get DISH or Direct TV because of trees. In bad weather the only TV we can get is over our high speed DSL No cable here. Will we get some translator or repeater station for the Eutawville Area?


I will miss your presentation of the Big Switch tonight due to Bible Study, so will you PLEASE share the information with the Wednesday night church goers? We really need to know for sure if we are ready. Thanx bunches.


g and j williams

Because of the switch, we (in Lancaster,SC) can no longer watch you. This is very disappointing. We watch WIS daily and espcially love the morning news. How can we go about getting you back? We are told you are charging to have the station aired in this area. please help

E Bonnette

Our location is Cope SC 29038. All we watch is WIS. We have an outside antenna and a good signal with the regular TV, but when we tried two different converter boxes we could not get channel 10 at all but we can get anything but 10. WHY?????? Help please. Thanks!!!!

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